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Bulk Purchase Platform

Ncentiva is a flexible, convenient and
secure solution to order digital gift
cards for your business needs.

Our platform offers B2B clients the ability to purchase gift cards in bulk with best-in-class prices, while also providing excellent customer service and cutting-edge technology. Online ordering and API connectivity available.

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Payout Platform

Ncentiva provides a unique payout
platform to disburse funds to your end customers.

Ncentiva is a next-generation payout platform that is changing the game for all types of payment companies like insurance, reward and incentive businesses, and employee reward programs. Our platform uses gift cards as a method of payment, offering a flexible and convenient solution for businesses, while providing bonus value to end consumers.

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Gift Card Program Consulting Services

Ncentiva provides end-to-end solutions
for consumer brands to outsource part or
all of their gift card program management.

Our team has 50 years of combined experience managing gift card programs, and we can help from full program management outsourcing, to B2B growth strategies, current program evaluations and more.

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