Cash In Your Old Electronics

Where can I turn in old electronics for cash? This is probably a question that never stops crossing your mind any time you want to upgrade your cell phone, laptop, HDTV, or any other electronics.  

While many places will pay you money in exchange for your used electronics, you need to find a site that offers you the best deal. You should also understand the general rule of thumb you can use to cash in on your old gadgets. At Ncentiva, we offer up to 20 percent more in trade-in value to our customers for old smartphones, smartwatches, laptops, and any other device.  

Why Should You Cash in Old Electronics? 

Though it may be tempting to hold onto old tech items, here are some good reasons you may want to consider electronic recycling for cash: 

Make Extra Bucks 

Electronic recycling for cash is an easy and lucrative way to earn some extra money on top of your regular income. With just a bit of time, energy, and patience, you can have your hands on money that you can save or use to cover other expenses. Regardless of the type of gadget you own, there are always buyers looking to purchase used tech products. 


Electronics such as smartphones are updated every year with new and better specs. It’s common for an older phone to feel quite slow by comparison. An effective and reliable way to get a new version of your favorite device is by trading in your old one. 

Clear Out Space 

TVs, laptops, tablets, and phones can pile up and leave your home looking like an electronics store. While some of these devices can be reused, many end up being thrown away due to lack of space. Luckily, Ncentiva lets you cash in old electronics, making it easier for you to declutter your home.  

Cashing in Is Quick and Easy 

No matter what your old phone or computer is worth, we pay you instantly with your favorite gift card once we verify its value. You don’t need to move from one shop to another trying to get a fair quote for your gadget.  

Tips for Cashing in Your Old Electronics 

Now that you have finally decided to cash in old electronics, how can you get the most out of your deal? 

  • Know your gadget’s worth. Do some research online about your device’s specs. Some things you can check include storage, processor speed, and RAM. 
  • Back up your data. Ensure you have all your documents and photos saved in an external hard drive, cloud storage, or flash drive before selling your used device. 
  • Give an honest description of your electronics. Be upfront about scratches, dents, or other notable wear and tear your device might have. This will save you from receiving a lower amount than what you request.  
  • Check the Retailer’s Policy. Again, research online to find out what your retailer offers and then make sure you meet those qualifications. 

How to Cash In 

Trading in electronics should not be a complicated process. However, if you’re doing it for the first time, follow these three simple steps: 

  • Tell us more about your device 
  • Ship your electronics to us at no cost 
  • Receive your gift card payout 

Your Trade in Partner for Electronics 

If you have any old electronics cluttering your home, or maybe you need to sell your gadgets to upgrade, then look no further. Ncentiva is your trade-in partner for electronics. Our simple three-step process makes everything seamless and straightforward for you. In addition, we offer free shipping services right from our site. Start your trade-in today and get up to 20 percent value for your items, depending on your gift card.  

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