How to Minimize E-Waste

With the contemporary technological advancements, there is more e-waste than ever before. E-waste is described as discarded electronics and devices. When such kind of waste is not disposed of accordingly, it can be detrimental to people’s well-being and the environment. 

The rise in e-waste has been contributed by the habit of people throwing away electronic devices and purchasing new ones often. In this article, we will articulate all you need to know about reducing e-waste and its impacts on the environment. At Ncentiva, we support trading devices to help in mitigating e-waste.  

How Does E-Waste Affect the Environment? 

Numerous environmental hazards arise due to the increase in e-waste. This is because electronic devices contain harmful and toxic components such as mercury, lithium, and lead. When such devices are not disposed of as required, these components are infiltrated into water sources such as dams, ponds, and rivers. Consumption of such water can lead to serious health effects. 

In addition, when these heavy compounds are disposed of in the soil, they lead to soil pollution. They are then absorbed by plants which can distort plant growth. Moreover, when we consume foods that have been grown in soil with heavy metals, adverse health effects can be witnessed. 

Electronic devices are made using plastics, wires, and metals, among other components. Most people will burn them, especially when they do not have an idea of where to drop e-waste. Such components have hydrocarbons and other harmful compounds that lead to air pollution. 

How to Reduce Electronic Waste 

Understanding the importance of reducing inappropriate dumping of e-waste can help in saving our environment. The following steps will guide you on how to reduce electronic waste: 

       I.            Sell or Donate Old Electronics 

This is one of the easiest steps of reducing e-waste as it helps one to eradicate devices that they no longer need. There are numerous platforms that one can utilize in selling electronic devices that are not of use to them. In addition, you can also give out other items to friends and family members who need them. It is also an ideal way to make extra bucks. 

    II.            Recycle the Devices 

E-waste has become a worldwide concern, resulting in deriving proactive measures to curb the nuisance. For instance, large companies such as Samsung and Apple are helping their customers by recycling old devices. You can also get compensated if you engage in recycling the electronics. This helps the company reuse valuable components rather than mining or manufacturing new ones. 

 III.            Re-Evaluate When Purchasing  

Implicit buying is one of the main reasons why e-waste is exponentially growing. In this regard, one needs to highly evaluate whether they really need the device and whether it will cover the intended purposes. Additionally, it is worth considering whether the device can serve numerous purposes before purchasing. If the answer is no, it is recommended to refrain from purchasing. 

 IV.            Purchase Eco-Friendly Devices 

Numerous benefits come along with buying environmentally friendly electronics. Such include saving energy and electricity bills. It also helps in saving the environment by minimizing energy extraction. That’s why it is always best to purchase products that have the Energy Star label or ones certified by the Electronics Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT). 

    V.            Maintain Your Devices 

Several ways can help one increase the life of their electronics, such as casing the devices, ensuring they are clean, and not overcharging the batteries. When such measures are adhered to, you will increase the lifespan of the devices and avoid frequent replacements. 

Bottom Line 

The exponential increase in e-waste requires familiarizing with measures to mitigate the waste. This is because such waste is detrimental to human life and the environment. The above article has articulated the crucial steps that you can use to manage e-waste. You can also take advantage of Ncentiva to trade and get paid for your electronic devices. Contact us today and start trading phones, laptops, and tablets, among other electronic gadgets. 

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