How to Sustainably Dispose of Your Electronics

Ever wondered what happens to electronics when they break down or become obsolete? Some are recycled while others are left to waste, polluting the environment. 

What is electronic waste? Anything with plugs, cords, or electronic components is considered e-waste (electronic waste). TVs, laptops, cell phones, and any form of home devices are common contributors to e-waste. 

Most e-waste contains dangerous chemicals such as mercury, lead, and brominated flame retardants. As such, you should correctly dispose of e-waste to avoid pollution. 

One way of dealing with e-waste is electronic waste recycling. E-waste recycling is the process of repurposing and reusing electronic trash. It’s a method for recovering materials from electronic waste. 

Due to its potential to lessen environmental pollution, e-waste recycling is among the most talked-about concerns today. Recycling can protect the environment and save us from ingesting toxic substances. 

Read on to find out the best ways of safely disposing of your e-waste. 

How to Dispose of Old Electronics 

Here are some ways you can dispose of your e-waste without polluting the environment; 

1.     Take them to Drop Off Points 

Most electronic firms have an exchange policy where they will accept back your old devices when you purchase a newer model. 

Several recycling firms have also established electronic drop-off campaigns and drop-off points for items like cell phones and tablets, which are then recycled. Check with your local electronics store for more information. 

2.     Donate Your Old Electronics 

You can donate your old gadgets in good working condition instead of disposing them. For instance, your old computer could be useful to an NGO. 

Look for organizations that offer donation programs and give out your old gadgets. 
Ncentiva currently offers donation for AFP Icon 2022 Attendees with many more coming soon.  

3.     You Can Sell Them Off Or Trade Them In 

You may use online sites like eBay or Craigslist or even hold a garage sale to dispose of your old equipment and make some money. But you can also just use the Ncentiva trade-in platform and get up to 20% more with some gift cards.  

4.     Give Your Broken Electronics to a Certified E-Waste Recycler 

If your electronics are completely broken and have become useless, the only option is to recycle them. You can find an e-waste recycler near you and hand over the broken and obsolete electronics. 

Benefits of Recycling e-waste 

E-waste recycling has several benefits. Let’s have a look at some of them. 

Helps in the conservation of natural resources 

E-waste recycling aids in the recovery of valuable materials from obsolete or broken electronic equipment. As a result, natural resources are conserved because manufacturers will not go to search for raw materials. 

Job Creation 

Professional recyclers, for example, are finding new occupations as a result of e-waste recycling. E-recycling has also developed a secondary market. Recycled materials are the main commodities. 

It boosts Your Credentials 

Employees are more desirous of working for companies that care about the environment and the community. 

Recycling is a simple approach for your company to demonstrate its commitment to social and environmental values while also reinforcing them among employees. 

Reduces Global Warming 

Most of the waste in landfills happens to be biodegradable. As these pollutants degrade and decompose, they release hazardous gases, significantly contributing to global warming. 

Uncollected e-waste is often disposed of in landfills and incinerators. We can reduce e-waste by recycling it. 

Protects the Environment 

Recycling e-waste keeps harmful and toxic materials from the environment. For example, the plastic parts and poisonous lead in a lead-acid battery are reused. At the same time, the sulphuric acid is neutralized and transformed into sodium sulfate, which is used to manufacture fertilizer and detergent. 

Environmental protection is prioritized in e-waste recycling. It aims to make safe handling, processing and managing of hazardous and toxic compounds a priority. 

Bottom Line 

It takes the effort of everyone to make the world a less hazardous environment. At Ncentiva, we help you dispose of your electronics by allowing you to trade in your device in exchange for a gift card. Contact us today to start the trade-in. 

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