The Value of Different Samsung Galaxy Phones

Perhaps you have heard about the fact that you can trade in your Samsung Galaxy and receive an offer on it, but maybe you are wondering how much a used Samsung Galaxy is worth. If this is where you find yourself, read on. We have some answers for you about how much you can expect to get for your old Samsung phone and why it may be worthwhile for you to check out what you can get.  

How Much is a Used Galaxy S10 Worth?  

The Samsung Galaxy S10 isn’t that old of a phone as it was first released in March 2019. However, even just a few years can take away from the shine and prestige of a given smartphone, and it is very easy for people to move on to the next bright and shiny object. It seems that is exactly what many of them have done, and this is why the Samsung Galaxy S10 is now selling at a used price of around $154-$235 depending on various condition factors. For the most part, no one is letting one of these phones go for less than the $154 mentioned here.  

It is so important to always seek out a reasonable value for your phone because you should get what it is truly worth instead of panic-selling it to someone who is trying to undercut your price as dramatically as possible.  

How Much is a Used Galaxy S9 Worth?  

When you start to go further back in time with phones, they will steadily decrease in value. The Samsung Galaxy S9 was released in March 2018, and this seems like a long time ago to those who are looking to purchase a smartphone. They know that a phone from that era is not necessarily going to have all of the fancy features that the phones that are released today may have. This is true, but it should also be noted that a Samsung Galaxy S9 does still retain at least some of its value, and we shouldn’t be too quick to discount that there are some upsides to using this type of phone.  

The price that some have been able to get for their Samsung Galaxy S9 is around $118 for starters. That is still a significant chunk of money, and it is money that one would simply not have access to at all if they just allow their phone to sit around gathering dust.  

Instead of doing nothing with their phone, many smartphone owners are starting to see the virtue of selling their phones off to those who are willing to pay something for them. It is better to get something for the phone instead of letting it waste away.  

How Much is a Used Galaxy S8 Worth?  

The Galaxy S8 has not decreased in value very much from what one might expect to receive for their Galaxy S9. The starting price that some are getting for their Galaxy S8 is around $108. This is not that much of a decline from the starting prices for the S9. There comes a point when phones don’t decrease in value much. They hit a limit and then they begin to retain value much more effectively than what one might expect. As such, it is useful to think about how a used Galaxy S8 could be worth something as a trade-in if you have one lying around that you aren’t sure what to do with.  

This is the kind of thing that you definitely want to check up on as you may discover that there are numerous upsides to getting your phone traded in and off of your hands.  

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